What are you like when it comes to money?  Do you keep receipts?  Do you actually keep track of your “checking account”…like do you “balance your checkbook  –  or do you swipe and pray?

I hate to admit it but I am a “swipe and pray” kind of girl.  I do nothing to keep track of my finances, when it is bill time, I pay them and then frivolously spend the rest (and not even on great stuff…just stuff).  I have retirement funds, Roths, IRA’s and who knows what else and I have NO idea what that really means.  I don’t even open the mutual fund statements when they come (I figure I don’t know what it means so I assume my investor is doing his job well and I will be able to retire comfortably).

So recently a friend said to me “Is it true that when you want something you put your energy toward it?”

Me:  “Yes – absolutely”

Her: “Well then wouldn’t it be safe to say if you’d like more money it would be worthwhile to focus some time and energy on it?”

Me:  “Yes – when you say it that way – yes that makes total sense”.

So that is my challenge – to become more aware of what and where I am spending (that’s first – then maybe even start to save a little).  I put EveryDollar and Mint on my phone.  I’ve been using EveryDollar regularly – but have already realized… I shop too much, constant receipts to account for – ugh!!! 🙂

I’d love to hear any tips/ideas you have that have helped with you attened to your finances with the hopes that it could help me too!  I (and my bank account) thank you! 🙂