I’m a school teacher – we hear so often how bad bullying is…it makes kids unable to focus, challenges their desire to come to school, makes them feel worthless – the list could go on and on and it’s true!!!!!

Well I realized I am a BULLY!!!!!  I’m a thigh, butt & belly BULLY!!!!!  I say and think the most dreadful things about those parts.  I stare at them in the mirror, I pinch them and say “ugh why are you so jiggly, why do you have those pockets of cellulite” etc…. Well guess what – they don’t LIKE that!!!  Just like a child that is bullied I think those body parts feel the same way – worthless, under appreciated and not loved – so why would they want to work for me?  Why would they want to be the best they can be if no matter what I say/think bad stuff about them?  And thinking of it this way it has helped to change my self talk, helped to make me appreciate those parts more, to recognize they need to feel good too and when they do finally feel worthy and appreciated I’m willing to bet they want to be the best they can be (which by the way they may already be – I just have been unable to appreciate them!!)

So are you a bully?  What parts of your body feel bullied?  Can you imagine being them for a moment and just try to change your perspective and approach and see if you all can be happier living in your body together?

What do you think…..