This is our opening blog for ONE Wellness. So why are we here? In part, we have a vision for a growing community of people who understand that we are all lifted up, when we lift each other up. We all gain strength and become healthier when we work together to achieve health. And in part, we are here to start a conversation with you. It is through this dialogue that we learn what your obstacles to health and happiness are. What do you need to help you move forward? And while the two of us have this dialogue with each other, we have learned that it is through our experiences with others that we are gifted with a deeper understanding of our own needs, wants and often self-inflicted obstacles to being happier and healthier. So let’s join together to create a more fulfilling approach to wellness. Do you want to be part of ONE community? Stay tuned for more posts. And feel free to offer comments! This is a no-judgement zone. We are here to listen and learn. What can you expect from us? We will alternate posting here to this page. And while our styles are different and our experiences diverse, we will lead with our hearts, to create ONE open and honest conversation.